How To Pass ISTQB (CTFL) v4.0

In this guide, I will provide all the steps and preparation strategies I followed to pass ISTQB certification on the first attempt.

What is ISTQB?

ISTQB( International Software Qualification Board) is a globally recognized entity that offers different certifications related to software testing. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to validate your skills or a fresher aiming to enter the field, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to pass the ISTQB certification exam with flying colours.

ISTQB  Foundation Level

ISTQB Certified Tester foundation level is a globally recognized certificate that covers the software testing fundamentals including both the understanding of theoretical fundamentals and practical knowledge for assessing software testing proficiency. This is the mandatory certification to be cleared before taking any advanced level ISTQB certifications like agile tester, automation tester etc.


CTFL v4.0 is the latest released version of the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certification. V 3.1 is retiring.

ISTQB  Foundation Level Cost

7303 INR including GST (Remote proctored)

Exam Structure

1. No. of Questions:40

2. Total Points:40

3. Passing Score:26

4. Exam Length (mins):60(+25% Non-Native Language)

Preparation Strategy

Estimated time: 40-45 days based on your hours of study. I used to study 3 hrs daily excluding weekends so it took me approx 45 days before the final exam.

Resources used for ISTQB exam preparation:

1. Syllabus

ISTQB Syllabus is the most essential resource required for the foundation-level exam, However alone it is not enough to clear the exam. It consists of general objectives, glossary, learning objectives for different knowledge areas, key concepts, and references to sources (literature, standards, etc.). The syllabus is available on the ISTQB official website.

2. Glossary

ISTQB Glossary is a vital resource to help us clear unclear or unknown terms.

3. Mock exams

Take as many mock exams as you can. Search for the internet, check YouTube videos and attempt all those exams. A few of the resources which I used are mentioned below.



4. Sample Exams

Sample exam papers and answers provided at the ISTQB site helped me immensely to check my preparation. There are a total of 4 sample papers provided along with the detailed answers. I advise everyone to solve these sample papers at least 2–3 days before the certification.

5. Youtube videos/Websites

You can check out the YouTube videos and website for detailed learning of specific topics from the syllabus. Repeat these topics until you have a good understanding of the subject. Focus on every section in detail, and solve questions related to decision table, branch and statement coverage.

6. Udemy course (Entirely optional)

You can check out Udemy Courses but it is entirely optional if you want a structured way of learning. I did not use any Udemy courses. All the resources mentioned above helped me to clear the exam.

Important Tips to Clear the Exam

1. Understand the Certification Levels and Syllabus

2. Utilize Study Materials and Resources efficiently.

3. Be Consistent in your preparation

3. Focus on Core Concepts and Terminology

4. Review and Revise Regularly

5. Make notes

6. Practice, Practice, Practice (Solve sample papers, dumps, give mock tests)

7. Take tests right after each learned Lesson.

8. Remain Confident and Stay Positive

9. Do not look for shortcuts.


Clearing the ISTQB CTFL exam requires diligence, dedication, and a strategic approach to preparation. If you found this article helpful then please feel free to comment and share.

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