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QA Software Learning and Testing Resources

I will provide valuable Learning and Testing resources and links for IT professionals in this post.

1)Learning Platforms

There are plenty of platforms available by using which we can upskill ourselves. Here I am providing a few online learning platforms which are very useful.

1)Educative is one of the leading online learning platforms. Which provides personalised, adaptive courses. This platform consists of a wide variety of courses including Software development, System architectures and design, Machine learning, Data science, Software testing, Automation testing and many more.

They also provide plenty of assessments and real-time projects to evaluate your skills.


Udemy is a popular platform that provides excellent content in almost every niche. Udemy provides lots of options at very affordable prices.

Other platforms are Coursera, edx etc.


In this section, I have listed down a few resources which I have followed to upskill myself.


  1. Learn Java from Scratch [Free Course]
  2. Java the Complete Reference [One of the Best Books to understand Complete Java Programming]

Software Testing

  1. Software Testing fundamentals.
  2. SDET- QA Automation Techie Youtube Channel.

Selenium WebDriver

  1. Naveen Automation Labs, Mukesh Otwani YouTube Channel.
  2. Testing Mini Bytes Youtube Channel.

API Testing

  1. Retarget Common Youtube Channel.
  2. Automating and Testing a REST API

Interview Questions

  1. AutomationQaHub

3) Scalable Test Execution Platform

  1. LambdaTest
  2. BrowserStack
  3. SauceLab

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