How to Rerun Failed Test Cases In Cucumber Project (2024)


In automation testing efficiency is the key aspect of any framework. Selenium and Cucumber emerged as strong automated testing technologies, allowing testers to enhance their processes and identify bugs faster. However, managing test scripts can be challenging, especially when dealing with failures. In this article, we’ll explore how to rerun failed test cases in Cucumber … Read more

The Ultimate List of Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium is a popular open-source web automation testing tool. Here is the comprehensive list of Selenium interview questions and answers. 1) What is Selenium? Selenium is a very popular tool that is used to automate browser-based applications. It is open source and easy to use and supports several programming languages like Java, python, c#, php … Read more

How To Maintain The Object Repository In Selenium

An Object Repository is a central location that is used to keep the locators in the form of objects. The Major advantages of maintaining an object repository are readability, maintainability and reusability. In this article, we will discuss several approaches to maintaining the object repository in Selenium. Types of Object Repository in Selenium Page object Model or POM … Read more

Cypress Vs Selenium (Everything You Need To Know)

Selenium and cypress both are test automation tools used for web applications. Selenium is a well-established player while Cypress is comparatively new in the test community, however, it has gained lots of popularity in no time. Nowadays it is a very prominent question Which tool is better cypress or selenium(Cypress Vs Selenium)? In my opinion, … Read more

How To Execute Selenium Tests On Cloud

Why you should execute your Selenium tests on cloud platforms? Selenium execution on the cloud enables QA to perform extensive cross-browser, cross-platform testing without relying on the local infrastructure. This ensures that the application is tested thoroughly and extensively before end-users access it. It allows numerous benefits as: Multiple platforms are available which you can … Read more