Popular Appium Interview Questions (2024)

In this article, we will discuss Appium Interview Questions that interviewers frequently ask. 1) Explain the difference between mobile testing and mobile application testing. Mobile testing, commonly known as mobile device testing, is the testing of device-specific features like storage, camera, screen, memory, etc. Mobile application testing refers to the testing of software applications to … Read more

The Best API Testing Interview Questions (2024)

API Testing Interview Questions

API testing plays an important role in software development and testing processes ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of applications. In this tutorial, I have included more than 40+ important API Testing Interview Questions and Answers for testing professionals. 1) What is an API? API refers to the Application Programming Interface that enables two software/applications to … Read more

The Ultimate List of Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium is a popular open-source web automation testing tool. Here is the comprehensive list of Selenium interview questions and answers. 1) What is Selenium? Selenium is a very popular tool that is used to automate browser-based applications. It is open source and easy to use and supports several programming languages like Java, python, c#, php … Read more

40+ Must Know Software Testing Interview Questions

Software testing is a process used during the software development life cycle to make sure the software is accurate and functions as intended. Every project for building software includes testing. In this article, I have included the most typical software testing interview questions. This Software testing interview questions blog will guide you to understanding the … Read more

Top 20 Java Coding Interview Questions

In This tutorial, I have tried to provide commonly asked Java coding interview questions and answers. 1) WAP to swap 2 numbers without using 3rd variable(Don’t use ‘+’ and ‘-‘ Operator). a) Using Arithmetic Operators: b) Using Bitwise Operators 2) Write a Java Program to find duplicate elements in an array with and without using … Read more

How To Build and Deploy Applications Using Docker

In this article, We will explore how we can Build and deploy applications using docker on an Amazon EC2 instance. What is Docker? Docker is an open-source platform for developing, testing, shipping, and deploying applications within containers. Docker provides a way to package and distribute applications with all their dependencies, ensuring consistency across different environments, … Read more

How To Configure Multiple Environments in Playwright

In this article, we will explore how to configure multiple environments in Playwright test automation framework to optimize the testing process. What is Cross-Environment Testing? Often applications have multiple environments like development, staging and production. Testing across different environments also known as Cross-environment testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring the robustness and reliability of … Read more