Latest 30+ Rest Assured Interview Questions

API Testing

In this article, we will cover important Rest Assured Interview Questions for Test Automation Engineers. 1) What is Rest-Assured? Rest Assured is a popular open-source Java-based library developed and maintained by Johan Haleby and widely used for testing Restful APIs. 2) Why should you Use Rest Assured Over Postman for Automated Testing? Both Postman and Rest … Read more

The Best API Testing Interview Questions (2024)

API Testing Interview Questions

API testing plays an important role in software development and testing processes ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of applications. In this tutorial, I have included more than 40+ important API Testing Interview Questions and Answers for testing professionals. 1) What is an API? API refers to the Application Programming Interface that enables two software/applications to … Read more

How To Build Rest Assured Framework Step-by-Step

API testing is an important part of the software development and testing process. Several tools and frameworks are available to test and automate API testing to ensure the robustness and performance of the API. In this article, I will guide you on creating a REST Assured Framework from scratch to streamline your API testing process. … Read more

How To Pass JSON Data In POST Request

In API development and testing, HTTP methods are used to send JSON/XML payloads to the server for data exchange and submission. In this guide, we will explore multiple ways using which we can pass JSON data in Post request. What is Payload in API Payload is the information or data that is exchanged between the … Read more

How To Do JSON Schema Validation

In this article, we will understand what is JSON Schema validation and how we can achieve it. What is JSON Schema? JSON refers to JavaScript Object Notation. It is a widely used data interchange format where data is stored in the form of key-value pair. JSON Schema is a format or document that is written … Read more