How To Maintain The Object Repository In Selenium

An Object Repository is a central location that is used to keep the locators in the form of objects. The Major advantages of maintaining an object repository are readability, maintainability and reusability. In this article, we will discuss several approaches to maintaining the object repository in Selenium. Types of Object Repository in Selenium Page object Model or POM … Read more

What Is New In Appium 2.0?

Appium 2.0 beta version was launched in 2021 and Now Appium has officially released version 2.0. With this release, major changes have been introduced in Appium, which can break the already running test suites. In this Appium 2.0 migration guide, I have tried to list the known changes that can break the existing code. I … Read more

Appium Tips And Tricks

Mobile Automation Using Appium

How To Launch Virtual Devices Automatically We can launch virtual devices automatically by using “avd” Capability. Add this capability to your script and execute the code. The configured emulator will launch automatically. However, it may take some time to launch the device and cause a timeout issue. To resolve that add the “avdLaunchTimeout” capability. Now … Read more

How To Start With Cypress Test Automation

Cypress Automation

Cypress is an open-source and free test automation tool, which relies on the power of javascript. It executes tests within the browser and makes the testing process easier and more reliable. Is Cypress Good For Automation? The cypress official documentation says: Test your code, not your patience. It is really true in many cases. Let’s … Read more

How To Use Design Patterns In Test Automation

Design pattern

Design patterns are design-level solutions for recurring problems and are used extensively in programming. Design patterns are like rules and guidelines of best practices as they provide the concept to tackle the problems and design a solution. Although the use of design patterns is optional, However, the knowledge of them and how to use them … Read more

Cypress Vs Selenium (Everything You Need To Know)

Selenium and cypress both are test automation tools used for web applications. Selenium is a well-established player while Cypress is comparatively new in the test community, however, it has gained lots of popularity in no time. Nowadays it is a very prominent question Which tool is better cypress or selenium(Cypress Vs Selenium)? In my opinion, … Read more

How To Execute Selenium Tests On Cloud

Why you should execute your Selenium tests on cloud platforms? Selenium execution on the cloud enables QA to perform extensive cross-browser, cross-platform testing without relying on the local infrastructure. This ensures that the application is tested thoroughly and extensively before end-users access it. It allows numerous benefits as: Multiple platforms are available which you can … Read more